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Bo Irvine

Bo Irvine

Bo Irvine during one of his performances at Comedy Polynesia

Some of us live our lives without ever succeeding in our life-long dreams. Others discover that path to greatness that grants them the ability to do what they love. For Native-Hawaiian comedian Bo Irvine it has been a long and interesting journey for him to finally reach his current state in life.

Irvine has been entertaining audiences in Hawaii for over 20 years and during those years he has grown quite an impressive resume where he has entertained alongside some of the greatest comedians alive. He has performed alongside George Wallace, Jeff Foxworthy, George Lopez, Howie Mandel and George Carlin. He has also appeared on NBC Nite Live, A&E Showtime, Bravo, and was the winner of Last Comic Standing: Season Six Hawaii Showcase.

Irvine is best known for his positive approach to his Type Two Diabetes, which he copes with through his comedy routines. Click here to see Irvine explain his way of approaching the issue in front of his audiences. His routine “Seriously, Living with Diabetes Can Be Funny” has been delighting audiences for years now and is considered one of the better routines in Honolulu these days. Before becoming a comedian Irvine spent 22 years as a firefighter in Honolulu and was very athletic. Unfortunately his career choice to become a comedian also led him to lead a lifestyle of eating very unhealthy which led to the onset of his diabetes.

Despite having diabetes Irvine has a very positive outlook on the situation. He believes that the best way to educate people to lead healthy lifestyles so that they don’t have the same sort of thing happen to them is to persuade them through the use of humor. For Irvine the message is clear: be active, exercise and above all else, watch your diet so that you don’t make the same errors that he did in carelessness. To quote him from an article by Dan Naskaso of the Honolulu Advertiser:

When you’re a diabetic, you can always hear the refrigerator calling you late at night: ‘Bo, come and eat. Bo, come and eat.’ I have to go make sure nobody’s in there but end up eating a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. My dog will look at me and say, ‘I’m going to tell.’ So I always give him a PB&J. Now he’s a diabetic, too.

It is with this sort of wit about the issue that Irvine approaches the issue and makes it easily digestible by a public that otherwise might not want to take about such a sensitive issue. I really feel that someone like Irvine is very important in our society. He could have sat down and cried over his issue, but instead he realized that he needed to approach it positively and make a difference. It is those kinds of people that really do make this world a better place.  I suppose that I would best describe this sort of humor as uplifting humor, and in this day and age it is something that we all need.

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