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Hoku Low of Society Of Seven Las Vegas

Steve Dennis, Hoku Low, Mel Cabang and Eddie Sax at Sharkey's Comedy Club Las Vegas

Taking in Mel Cabang‘s show on January 15 at Sharkey’s Comedy Club’s second Las Vegas promotion is Hoku Low (second from left), singer and bass player for Society Of Seven’s mainland-based SOS Classics performing troupe. (Oh My Goodness! I’m writing like Wayne Harada now! Help Me!)

On the left is Steve Dennis, former Oahu-based comic at the Honolulu Comedy Club at stadium announcer for University of Hawaii baseball, now GM at the Clarion Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Convention Center Dr. And my personal to-and-fro-the-airport chauffeur. I’m on the right in the photo. If you don’t know which one Mel is, then you’re probably not reading this anyway.

Subtitle of photo: “Look Mom! It’s a haole sandwich!”

Sub-purpose of Mel’s show: Book Da Buk Buk (translation: book Mel for your next party comedy tour)

The first Sharkey’s Comedy Club Las Vegas show was on October 3rd with Bo Irvine the day following his opening for the Keali’i Reichel concert in Las Vegas. Bo couldn’t be at this one with Mel, as he was headlining our show at the Sheraton Princess Ka’iulani in Waikiki, a show which, by the way, was sold out. (Normally when entertainers say a show was sold out it means it was canceled due to a lack of reservations. Ours was actually sold out.)

Mel Cabang at Sharkey’s Las Vegas!

Mel Cabang at Sharkey's Comedy Club-Las Vegas

I walked, well, ran off the airplane at 6:45pm and was whisked to the Clarion Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas by its GM Steve Dennis just in time to walk in, um, 15 minutes late to see the legendary Hawaiian comedian Mel Cabang perform. This begins a recurring series of Sharkey’s Comedy Club performances at the Clarion in LV with co-producer Malia “Your Tita” from Little Grass Shack Las Vegas.

Retreat with me for a moment to the “walking in late to a Mel Cabang show” concept. You know Mel? Yes, I took it in the shorts. Mercilessly. Pounded into the turf by The Master for the next hour as he snaked his way through the crowd taking down one ego after another yet always managing to wind his way back to the one, yours truly, who couldn’t figure out how to get to the show on time.

“My flight was late.” Sure. Nice try.

This Sharkey’s Comedy Club Las Vegas promotion was the result of a breakfast in early October, on my birthday in fact, when Bo Irvine and I were in LV. Bo was opening for the Keali’i Reichel concert at Shawn Santana’s semi-annual Pure Aloha Festival at the Silverton. The following morning we had breakfast with Mel, who had just moved to Vegas, at Terribles on Paradise (breakfast special, $3) and the deal was done. Utilizing every ounce of my genius negotiating abilities I said, “How about you play at the Clarion?” And Mel replied, “Okay.”

For years I’ve been telling people how gut wrenchingly funny Mel Cabang is, but the fact is I hadn’t seen Mel perform live since the mid-90’s. Happy to report that The Legend is as funny as he ever was and more. Friends, I’ve seen it all and it takes something special to get me going. Last night it was going. The royal cheekbones hurt.

Bo, Wanda and I consider it an honor and a feather in our cap to work with Mel and help him reconnect with Las Vegas’s the vast Hawaiian community. He is available for first birthdays, bar mitzvah’s, church sermons… whatever.